Effective January 1, 2014 Rates are as follows:

$90.00 per Hour On-Site Service
(1/2 Hour Minimum -$45.00)
$45.00 Diagnostic Fee(Non Repair)

It is the customer's responsibility to obtain a backup of any and all data they deem vital, be it documents, images, software applications, or any other files on a given system, prior to the rendering of any services upon that system by Kenco Computer Systems.

Furthermore, it is the customer's responsibility to, in the event of software installation, OS installation/upgrade, and related services, ensure that system requirements for the software and/or hardware in question are met.

By accepting Kenco Computer Systems services, you release Kenco Computer Systems from liability for indirect, consequential, or other damages, exceeding the value of services already rendered, as the result of special circumstance, loss of data, loss of profit, or failure on the part of the customer to abide the terms of the Responsibility of the client listed above.

Kenco Computer Systems is not liable for any/all hardware/software left in Kenco Computer Systems' possession for more than Thirty (30) days.

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